Gamuda Cove Immersive Showroom

Into the Cove's Embrace


The Gamuda Cove township experience rolled into one space. A permanent immersive and interactive experience, the 1,530-acre Gamuda Cove township is next to the wetlands and forest reserves in the Southern Klang Valley. A series of interactive installations, including a digital registration kiosk at the lobby, a touch wall showcasing the township’s unique selling points, and a multi-sensory immersive room. Multimedia elements in the immersive room were seamlessly synchronised with the content, such as turning on a hidden fan so that viewers would feel the gushing wind as a tram rolls by on the screen. Additional edutainment content is also provided to engage children in a room while their parents explore the centre. The Gamuda Immersive Gallery features digital registration systems, a touch wall showcasing the township's features and offering edutainment for visitors.

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