A place where your dreams find you before you find them, as you manifest these happenings when you learn and show off your flair for the art of storytelling. Have access to cutting edge technology that elevates you to future developments allowing you to be on par with industry leaders……. and last, but not least, this is where dreams come true.

Head of Multimedia Interactive Technology


You are to develop the company's multimedia storytelling division and plan strategic product and technology research. Your participation in the whole digital multimedia project process from concept to execution is essential. Leadership is essential guide a team, assess and analyse, solve problems to help the company achieve its business goals.

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As a motion grapher you must have animation skills and the ability to create motion graphics with Adobe After Effects and having 3D software skills is a plus. Ability to understand of current design and cultural trends is vital. Having team spirit is most important to produce creative and professional motion graphics.

3D Animator


Detailed working knowledge of 3D animation software such as Maya, C4D and Blender is essential for this role. This role requires you to be an active team player with good art sense, cinematography, immersive and interactive storytelling and graphics. The willingness to learn is also a must for you to grow in a fast paced environment.

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Are you artistic and technically proficient to contribute to 3D modelling, digital sculpting, texturing, UV mapping, rigging and setup? This job role requires consistency in creating high-quality models and character rigs from conceptual design to the final output.

Video Editor


Do you have the ability to create an engaging story with your editing skills? Can you create addictive videos with positive impact from ideas that come to you? Are you a team player who will contribute to the timely delivery of work, and work calmly under pressure? If you are then you are the right fit for the job.

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Experiential Producer


For this role, having communication skills is a must in order to coordinate interdepartmental personnels. Possessing creativity is vital to ensure innovative productions. This role also requires leadership to bring out team effort to deliver on time and for a professional final outcome.

Back-End Developer


Knowledge and skills in developing back end systems of web applications are very important for this role. You will be involved as a planner, designer and developer of software applications from project conceptualization up to product roll-out.

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Project Coordinator

You are a "can-do" coordinator

A key person working with a team of marketing leads, creatives and technical experts from conception to completion. The main duties of the role are but are not limited to, monitoring work schedules, organizing and participating in meetings with clients and ensuring all deadlines for certain projects are met.

Unity Developer

You Bring Visions to Life

Working knowledge of virtual and augmented reality at the highest level is a must as the job’s responsibility includes, but is not limited to, implementing functionality to interactive applications, translating ideas and conceptualising virtual environments.

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2D Drafting AutoCAD

2D Drafting Autocad

You're the architect of precision

We are seeking a skilled and detail-oriented 2D Drafting AutoCAD Specialist to join our team. This individual will play a crucial role in creating accurate and detailed construction and as-built drawings for various projects, primarily focusing on Event & Exhibition setups, Corporate interiors, Info Galleries, and Museums. The ideal candidate should possess a strong background in AutoCAD and architectural drafting, as well as experience in the specific domains mentioned above.

3D Visualizer

You breathe life into illustrations

We are seeking a highly creative and skilled 3D Visualizer to join our immersive team. As a 3D Visualizer, you will be responsible for transforming concepts and ideas into visually stunning and captivating 3D perspectives for various projects, with a primary focus on Event & Exhibition setups, Corporate interiors, Info Galleries, and Museums. The ideal candidate should possess exceptional artistic and technical skills, along with experience in creating impressive, astonishing, engaging, and WOW-worthy 3D renderings.

3D Visualizer

Safety Officer

You are a safety expert

It is your utmost priority. Having in-depth knowledge of occupational safety and health guidelines allows you to advise and facilitate compliance and support the development of OHS policies and programs. The organisation depends on you to conduct risk assessments and share safety best practices, looking out constantly for violations and ready to act on emergencies on-site and on work premises.

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